My Name is Paul Fortey and this is my foray into the world of Blogging I hope that in some way you may find this a little bit interesting as I hope I will moving forward.

I have started this Blog to document my journey as I work to bring my IT skills forward into the future.

I have been working in IT for over 30 years, most of that in a unix, linux world with the odd excursion into the Microsoft domain (last 5 years). In that time I have seen a lot of changes from my early time writing in Fortran and C to the current world of containerisation and the cloud. Although not writing code for a living (apart from the odd bits of SQL) and currently working as an IT Project Manager.

During this time I have developed a wide range of solutions and been engaged in a number of different roles in the IT space.

From Software development, Systems administration, Building and supporting applications over a significant number of years Database solutions, Personnel Logistics solutions, Asset Rental & Tracking solutions, Web Sites and Web Applications, Managing IT development teams, Managing IT departments and outsourced systems & solutions, Project Managing Infrastructure and ERP implementations, Data Migrations between solutions.

So where to start ? in the past I have used Fortran, Pascal, Forth, C, PHP, Perl, Java, dabbled in Python along with multiple varieties  of SQL, mostly on Unix or Linux platforms (I have been an keen user and advocate of linux from 1994 when I installed my first linux system Ygdrassil Linux, I then moved to SLS Linux and eventually found my way to Fedora, since then I have mainly used Fedora, Red Hat or Centos, and dabbled in Ubuntu and Debian).

Along the way I have been dabbling in mobile solutions, trying multiple hand held devices from my initial HP41C calculator to the Psion5MX and finally iPhones and iPad Pro.

Looking at the current set of popular languages C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, I decided to kick off with Python (Python fits quite nicely in a linux eco-system).