Tools & Toys

The Tools and Toys I am currently playing or working with.

2017  15″MacBook Pro 16Gb ram 1TB SSD and 3.1Gz quad core processor and Radeon 560Pro graphics card..

There have been complaints on the net about the reliability of the keyboards on these new models, I was hit by that after about a year where I had to have the keyboard replaced…

However It is still the best laptop I have ever had, I can run several VM’s including a full windows 10 vm with SQL Server.

iPad Pro 11″ M1 with Apple Pencil2 & iPhone14 Pro, simply the best iPAD and iPhone I have ever had, using Goodnotes with the Apple Pencil I have gone fully paperless

RaspberryPi 3 / Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB)

Apple AirPods Pro – very useful for online courses…